Ease into Meditation The Big Quiet,Jesse Israel,Audible Originals

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Title: Ease into Meditation
Author: The Big Quiet,Jesse Israel,Audible Originals.
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Ease into Meditation

The Big Quiet,Jesse Israel,Audible Originals Ease into Meditation

Even if you know the benefits of meditation, actually starting can feel daunting. This brief and easygoing introduction from Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet, breaks it down - and shows you how effortless starting your own practice can be.   Jesse was a successful music executive running his own label when debilitating anxiety and panic attacks forced him to step back and seek help. When he came upon meditation, it inspired him to switch gears in a big way. He founded The Big Quiet, a mass meditation movement that gathers thousands of people for large-scale moments of quiet around the world (including for Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour with WW).  This title is part of the Audible Sleep Collection, exclusive audio experiences created to invite relaxation and sleep. New and free for members.