The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Handwriting Analysis

Find out more about a person's character than words can say! Every slant, every squiggle, every gap between letters has meaning, often revealing whether the person is aggressive or dreamy, greedy or generous, artistic or materialistic, talkative or reserved. With a range of handwriting samples to look at, learn the secrets to "decoding" their traits and answering important questions about the person behind the script: * What does it mean when a person makes notes in the margin? * Is it significant when someone leaves wide spaces between words? * How can you tell if the writer feels positive about the future...or pessimistic? * Does very small writing say something about self-confidence? Plus: Find the personality clues in the way an envelope is addressed, the color of the ink, the type of paper chosen, the slant of the letters, and much more! 512 pages, 4 3/16 x 5 1/4.

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Book Title: The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Handwriting Analysis

Book Author: The Diagram Group

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ISBN: 0806918314