Golden Retriever: 15 Secret Tactics You Can Do to Raise a Perfect Golden Retriever (English Edition)

Introducing...15 Proven Tactics to Train Your Golden Retriever…Even If You Have Never Trained a Dog Before.If you are wanting to train a perfect golden retriever but don’t know where to start, then keep reading....Do you want to develop a stronger bond between you and your golden retriever?Are you unsure about which approach or training method is best for fixing bad behavior?Do you have a hard time understanding what your goldie is trying to communicate to you?If this is you, then you are at the right place to start learning. Many golden retriever owners like you ask these same questions.They are in the same boat as you when figuring out what is the most efficient way to train your golden retriever.You see, training your golden retriever doesn’t have to be like aimlessly solving a Rubiks cube.In fact, according to many celebrity dog trainers, anyone is capable of training an obedient and well-behaved dog regardless of experience.Which means, you can effectively train your golden retriever if you implement these 15 secret techniques taught in this book. Here is just a tiny fraction of what you will learn:Think making your dog feel guilty will stop misbehavior? Think again – Page 5712 useful and practical items to make your home dog-friendly – Page 335 simple steps to potty train your golden retriever – Page 50How to make your home a safe zone for your golden retriever – Page 47Why positive reinforcement is ironically better than punishing your dog for negative behavior – Page 60Are any type of dog foods good to feed your golden retriever? Wrong. And we’ll show you the best type of food for your goldie. – Page 799 common household foods that could kill your golden retriever – Page 83How you can effectively communicate with your golden retriever, in 3 simple waysPage 101One simple, yet powerful method (taught by top dog training experts like Cesar Millan), to create a bond with your dog – Page 109A common overlooked secret to help prevent anxiety and depression in your golden retriever – Page 117Which widely-taught dog training methods cause aggressive behavior…and how to identify them – Page 1426 expert proven dog training methods for your golden retriever…plus 4 burning criteria to pick the right one – Page 125...and much, much more!Take a brief moment and imagine how you’ll feel once you learn these 15 secret tactics to train your golden retriever.The knowledge and confidence you will gain…And how your family and friends will react when your golden retriever rapidly improves.So, if you think you are bad with dog training…think again.If you want to be known as the “golden retriever whisperer,” then scroll up and click “add to cart”.

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Book Title: Golden Retriever: 15 Secret Tactics You Can Do to Raise a Perfect Golden Retriever (English Edition)

Book Author: The Golden Retriever Circle

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