Inside the Mind of Shane Dawson

Inside the Mind of Shane Dawson (A BLANK BOOK/EMPTY JOURNAL FOR WRITING) ***THERE ARE NO WORDS IN THIS JOKE BOOK! IT'S AN EMPTY BOOK SHOWING AN EMPTY MIND (SATIRE HUMOR). A GREAT GIFT FOR FANS OF SHANE DAWSON*** Perfect for April Fool's Day!*** BOOK DESCRIPTION ON THE BACK COVER: This book is an in-depth analysis of the inner workings of a unique human mind, including this person’s thoughts, opinions, ideas, understanding, foresight, logic, musings, ruminations, reflections, introspection, deliberation, pondering, consciousness, abstract reasoning, judgment, memory, imagination, processing, and perception. Thousands of hours were put into studying this person, and this is the result. Anyone who reads this book will clearly understand the genius of this individual. You will not be disappointed by this fascinating study of a mind unlike any other!

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Book Title: Inside the Mind of Shane Dawson

Book Author: The Brain Institute for Studies on Intelligence

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1090317344