Peyronies Disease and Sex;: Maximize your sexual potential in spite of PD

“Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” was written to offer help and hope to those men and women who daily deal with the crushing personal problems created by PD. This is the only book of its kind to tackle this tough personal topic, written by a doctor who developed Peyronie’s disease at age 56 and soon discovered that he had more than just physical problems to deal with. In 2002, after successfully treating his PD, he created the Peyronie’s Disease Institute and soon began counseling people from around the world about the physical, emotional, marital and sexual problems that are a part of living with this problem. This book is the result of his many years experience working with and helping men and women who are struggling with problems they never knew existed. You will learn his proven Peyronie’s disease methods that are presented in an honest and compassionate way that could improve your sex life tonight in spite of having this devastating problem. You will learn proven methods that can reduce or even eliminate the pain of sexual intercourse, as well as the best postures and techniques for various PD deformities. Topics related to PD, such as erectile dysfunction, (ED), reduced libido and general lack of interest due to shame and embarrassment are covered in a compassionate and insightful way. His is the only book that addresses how both partners can successfully deal with the crippling shame, anger and embarrassment that are all too common with PD. Dr. Herazy explains to men the female viewpoint for common areas of conflict and misunderstanding in a relationship, and he presents positive steps to take to get beyond the. In a similar fashion, he also explains to women the male viewpoint for important areas of conflict and misunderstanding in a relationship. In this way, he attempts to help each side understand and know how to help the other. Peyronie’s disease and the consequences of it can quickly ruin a marriage or any personal liaison. This happens not because PD must destroy the bonds between people, but because no one who has PD has any idea what to do about it and how to live with it. Peyronie’s disease catches everyone off guard, completely unprepared, and totally without answers. This book presents answers for those sexual problems that arise between couples. Here is a comment from noted urology specialist, author, and sex researcher, Jack Summers, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Urology at Northeast Ohio University School of Medicine: “Theodore Herazy offers in ‘Peyronie’s Disease and Sex’ an insightful and in-depth discussion of he sexual problems of people living with Peyronie’s disease. His stress on the emotional and psychological overlay of the disease t the patient as well as his useful discussion of the sexual attitudes and simple sex therapy techniques should be most valuable to all those with this enigmatic disease."

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Book Title: Peyronies Disease and Sex;: Maximize your sexual potential in spite of PD

Book Author: Theodore R. Herazy

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ISBN: 1466334304