Eleanor of Aquitaine: Convincing Beauty

The Most Powerful Queen It goes without saying that Eleanor of Aquitaine was a force of nature. She was the wife of kings, the mother of kings, a duchess in her own right, and a tool of no man. She was headstrong and independent in an age when women were essentially to be seen and not heard.   Inside you'll hear about   Childhood in Aquitaine Conflict Penitent Crusade A New Kingdom Rebellion, Ransom and Retribution Palace Politics The Third Crusade Ransom Sunset And much more! Eleanor’s life was as extraordinary as the times in which she lived, and in many ways she was the most modern woman in medieval France. The book tells you about bright events of the lives of her husbands and sons, who left a mark in the history of Europe.  

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Book Title: Eleanor of Aquitaine: Convincing Beauty

Book Author: The History Hour,Janet Rose

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