The Wholly Bible of Canaan: Possessions of the Djinn

There are times in History when a Book is written, and that Book changes every thing you thought you knew about this thing we call life. Using the new science of Reverse Esoteric Psychology you will know the truth and create a new and better self from its lessons...no matter what race you are, you will know. Prepare your self, for the real truth can be some what unsettling.THE NEW BOOK HAS BEEN PROFESSIONALLY EDITED AND PROOFED. IT HAS OVER 60 NEW/EXTRA PAGES AND MUCH MORE UPDATED EDITING, PICTURES AND REFERENCED INFORMATION..... ONCE WE GOT PROFESSIONAL HELP, WE REALIZED THAT THE BOOK NEEDED MUCH MORE DEPENDABLE SOURCE MATERIAL IN ORDER TO GIVE YOU A MORE PROFOUND TRUTH. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PURCHASE OF THE FIRST BOOK, AND TO SHOW OUR GRATITUDE WE HAVE LOWERED THE PRICE THANK YOU..

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Book Title: The Wholly Bible of Canaan: Possessions of the Djinn

Book Author: The House Of Meroe

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1537483242