A Good Mans Touch

Crystal’s marriage to Brad had not turned out to be what she had hoped for. Brad and his partner, Toby, had started their business, Stocks International, years before Crystal and Brad had met. When her husband’s sudden death leaves her a wealthy widow at 26, Crystal finds herself living the life she wanted, without fear, without abuse. Crystal meets Hank, who helps her discover a wonderful world of trust, adventure, sex the way it’s supposed to be, and eventually true love. Hank owns Forrester Construction, a very successful business. His love life, however, isn’t going as well, but when he sees Crystal for the first time, his body jumps to attention. He is curious about this woman, and he is determined to get to know her.Enjoying time together, getting to know one another, and Crystal learning to trust a man again, Hank and Crystal learn more about themselves and about sex, things that neither of them had ever known or truly felt before. As their relationship grows, danger is lurking over Crystal. Sinister forces are at play, force that threaten to upend the newfound happiness between Hank and Crystal. Now, navigating her way through her husband’s dark past, Crystal finds out that her life, as well as Hank’s, depends on solving her late husband’s involvement in human trafficking . . . before it’s too late.

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Book Title: A Good Mans Touch

Book Author: Theresa Napiwocki

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