The College Board Guide to 150 Popular College Majors

What courses do you take as a communications major? How do you prepare for majoring in computer science? What kinds of jobs does a marketing major lead to? If you can't decide between math and theater should you do a double major? Can you change majors in midstream and still graduate in four years?This book answers those and just about any other questions you have concerning 150 of the most popular bachelor's degree majors at four-year colleges. Leading professors from colleges across the country tell you what it's like to study the subjects they know best and teach with distinction. They give you insight into the course work involved in a particular field, the interests and skills asociated with success in that major, the graduate study and careers it leads to, and many more facts that will help you to understand and choose a major that's right for you.The majors covered in this book are grouped into 17 fields of study ranging from the arts, business, and engineering to health sciences, humanities, and the physical sciences. Each entry describes the content of the major, including what's new in the field, what subjects you will study, and what related majors you may want to consider.In addition to the detailed overview, each description tells you about:interests and skills associated with success in the majorrecommended high school preparationtypical courses in the majorwhat the major is likespecializations within the majorcareers the major may lead toAn introductory chapter gives you sound advice on how to:choose a majorkeep your options open if you are undecidedconnect majors to careers and further educationYou also get firsthand information from students now in college about their experiences p0choosing a major.The College Board Guide to 150 Popular College Majors offers up-to-date facts and expert advice to help you decide on a college major that is both challenging and rewarding.

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The College Board Guide to 150 Popular College Majors
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