The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas

Forgive your enemies, they say. Keep their addresses and keep notes, I say. In The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas, you'll learn how to buy three Premier League points for just £25,000, what it's really like to face a Football Association disciplinary hearing, and why every footballer in the country shuddered when they heard about the Ched Evans case. Add to that The Secret Footballer's no-holds-barred tour of the country's Premier League clubs - telling us what it's like to play in each ground and revealing the one that all players really hate to go to - and you get an entertaining glimpse into a world that's normally off limits to the fans. Unapologetically opinionated, witty and honest, The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas is every thinking fan's guide to the beautiful game. I am The Secret Footballer, and all bets from here on in are off....

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Book Title: The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas

Book Author: The Secret Footballer,Damian Lynch

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ISBN: 1531818455