Mastering hypnotic language - further confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

Mastering hypnotic language!The Rogue Hypnotist taught you the basics, now he’s back to teach you the true secrets of hypnotic language. For his own reasons he still remains anonymous, the hypnotic self-help elite must be ruffled! They don’t want this stuff getting out! The Rogue Hypnotist is a top UK clinical hypnotherapist and Advanced NLP expert. He has a very good success rate indeed with his client’s and he wants to share the tricks that work with you! He helps his client’s in 1 session only at a very reasonable rate. They leave with a big smile on their faces. Police officers, multimillionaire’s even TV celebs have sought his help; now he wants to help YOU! The sequel to ‘How to hypnotise anyone,’ the number 1 best seller on hypnosis on Amazon.com and .co.uk is here! ‘Mastering hypnotic language,’ awaits you!!! You can now take your hypnotic mastery up to the next level! In book 1 you learnt how to hypnotise anyone using words alone. Now you will learn how to use words with such precision that your total hypnotic power is assured! The Rogue Hypnotist is giving away almost for free all the ‘language patterns’ that work as opposed to all the junk being sold out that that won’t do anything to anyone. Learning hypnosis should be easy and fun!The hypnosis bag of magic tricks that you can expect to effortlessly learn and put into practise are…1. The specific language that will induce trance and hypnosis in anyone.2. Why words beginning in RE are hypnotic!3. Why you SHOULD use PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) with a script showing just how to do so. 4. How to dissociate the conscious and unconscious minds. Script provided!5. What ‘colour feelings’ are and how to use them in hypnosis.6. The secrets of ‘hidden code’ hypnosis. 7. How to use ‘hypnotic negations’ properly and why they work. 8. The amazing expose of how the unconscious reveals the truth through ‘reverse speech.’ 9. A powerful and much more advanced ‘hypnotic mind model,’ that will give you far greater understanding of how the mind works than 99% of mental health care professionals, helping you hypnotise anyone with flair. 10. What the best ‘temporal and spatial’ language predicates to use in hypnosis are.11. Exactly how to use language to dig out specifics, to find the missing pieces and stop yourself being influenced against your will. 12. How to use hypnotic assumptions and nominalisations and which ones work best. 13. How to specifically and expertly use artfully vague hypnotic language. 14. What hyperbolic words and hypnotic poetry is. 15. The specifics of ‘hypnotic languaging.’16. A knowledge of associational networks and artful ambiguity. 17. The 100% fail proof formula to create your own hypnotic deepeners! It’s easier than you think! And you get a free bonus – ‘The Silly Deepener!’18. An embedded commands induction PLUS the specific ‘embeds’ that induce trance in any conversation. You will learn TRUE conversational hypnosis that works including how to describe a state to elicit it!19. A step by step description of the precise way to create a ‘symbolic deepener’ with full script provided. 20. Your special BONUS – ‘The Unicorn Deepener’ and much, much more!The Rogue Hypnotist is practically giving this away so that YOU will have by end of the book more hypnotic ability than 99% of so-called hypnotists out there! That’s my promise to you. This knowledge has been spread around, taught badly and never before brought together in one place so that YOU can have ‘professional level hypnotic mastery’ without taking a diploma or 6 week, £ and $ robbing course. He wants EVERYONE to know this stuff at minimal cost. You can use your new knowledge to help others, create your own hypnosis recordings and once again – hypnotise anyone! If after reading this book you can’t hypnotise someone – they ain’t human! ‘Mastering hypnotic language,’ will teach you how to hypnotise people so they go through the floorboards!

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Book Title: Mastering hypnotic language - further confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

Book Author: The Rogue Hypnotist

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ISBN: 1499647050