Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour - The Winning of World War II (THE WW2 HISTORY JOURNALS)

Do you want to learn more about the Winston Churchill, but don’t have time to read huge, long biographies? Then let The History Journals take you on an hourly history tour of his tenure in World War 2.After five years of steering the nation through the stormy waters of World War II, Winston Churchill was weary and anxious about the future but ready to continue the fight for Britain. What was he thinking? The old warrior was definitely concerned that the British Empire, exhausted and financially drained by such lengthy fighting, would be sidelined as the endgame came into view by its more powerful American and Russian Allies. Winston Churchill had undeniably given his all for King and country and an Allied victory promised to be his finest hour; but he was wise to be cautious, and quite incredibly his own future as the nation’s Prime Minister was far from assured.✓You will learn about:Churchill’s concerns about the status posed by Stalin and Russia Post war.The importance of the Okinawa battle to the result of the war in Europe.World is notified of multiple concentration camp horrors.Funeral of FDR and Harry S. Truman steps onto the International stage.The fight and conquest of Berlin.VE day – Winston receives the accolades for his selfless endeavor on behalf of a grateful nation.The History JournalsWe create enlightening History Books for people looking to learn about topics in a Quick Study Guide format. Our books won’t take you days to read (or listen to) – but can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee and an hour or so of your time. They are the perfect starter to see if you’d like to delve deeper into any specific subject.

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Book Title: Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour - The Winning of World War II (THE WW2 HISTORY JOURNALS)

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